General Rules of Iconoworks

  1. Don’t outwardly make it an intention to be aggressive or mean or hurtful.

  2. Don’t cause problems with other people on the site. This includes excessive trolling.

  3. Trolling in some ways is perfectly fine to a limit, but degradation of someone’s character continuously is not.

  4. When posting NSFW material, put a quotation mark before the link. The picture cannot show. (highest level reaction is warning, unless 5 continuous occurrences, then 1 day ban)

  5. Don’t post illegal content (including but not limited to child pornography and gore)

  6. No spamming. If you’re posting content for someone to see (whether streamer or chat) post in moderation.

  7. Don’t purposely try to get people to leave the site, whether an anon or a regular.

  8. Don’t advertise other streaming sites.

  9. Complaints about the stream should be constructive.

The reaction scale:

1 offense – warning

2 offense – 2 hr ban

3 offense – 1 day ban (if a streamer, freeze stream rights for the day)

4 offense – 4 day ban (if a streamer, freeze stream rights for a week)

5 offense – 1 week ban (if a streamer, freeze streaming rights for two weeks)

6 offense – You are messing up, and 1 month ban (if a streamer, revoke stream rights)

Subsequent offenses – 1 month ban each time

Freezing rights stacks. Good behavior for two weeks drops you down one offense.


  • When the offense legitimately causes large amounts of problems (1 week ban)

  • Illegal (including but not limited to child pornography and gore) content (permaban)

  • When there is a majority decision by the streamers to ban someone (ban time to be determined at decision)

  • Ban Evasion: 1 week for every evasion attempt. They will add up. Just serve out your ban by playing a game or something.

Admins have final word on reactions.
You can appeal, complain, and report to TheMightyDoosh, Samasaki, NovaRemnant, or MechaShaneGuy on Steam/Chatango.
If you DO have a complaint, PLEASE get a screenshot of what it is you are complaining about, otherwise something may not be done due to a lack of certainty.
If no screenshot is provided within 30 minutes of the request, the complaint will be expunged.